Private Yoga Sessions


yoga privates


All the teachers here at Om Base offer private sessions for beginning students and students that have mobility challenges, injuries or are otherwise unable to attend a class. We also offer semi-privates where you could have another memberr of your family or a friend participate.


Yoga used to be taught by a teacher directly to one student, as it can be very specific to each student's needs. Nowdays classes have become popular and are more affordable, but the benefit of a private class or a series of sessions is invaluable. For beginners, a teacher can focus on you and give you that personal attention that sometimes is hard to get in a class format. For students with injuries or mobility challenges, the teacher can help you manage your condition until you feel comfortable particpating in a class.


Please inquire about choosing the teacher most appropriate to meet your needs. Rates vary, but are approximately in the $60-$100 range for one hour.