Yoga Immersions

yoga immersions


Immersions meet 5 times per week for one to three weeks, and are offered seasonally.

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This is a chance to gather and practice five sessions a week. These healing immersions focus on healing and balance through visualization, meditation and yoga asanas. It's easier to do this "work" around others who are making the same choices... so take advantage of the others' presence (presents) and join in.


A testimonial from a participant:

"Thank you so much for providing the immersion class.
It makes a big difference to do this 4 days in a row.
I feel lots of stuff stirring up inside. A couple of things are happening as a result of this week.

* I'm a lot less hungry.
* I'm calm yet full of energy.
* I don't need as much sleep.
* I'm a bit sore.
* I see people walking around in such pain but don't take their pain inside of me.
* I am excited about the next 3 weeks.

Just thought I would share. Thank you again, Transformational Teacher"

- LL


It doesn't have to be a "process"... though it seems, that for most of us, that's exactly what it is... So we start where we are, with what's familiar.

We start with what's familiar so that we can begin to relax, to let go, and to settle into where we are. The trick is to settle into what's familiar, without settling for what's familiar... so feeling what it feels like to settle into, and what it feels like to settle for, is a starting point; and then begin to discern the difference...

At first this all seems simply semantics, and very conceptually oriented... very much in the head. And this is by design, because most of us are so much in our heads... so this is where we start (if you're in your head, this is where you'll connect to and from, and this is where these classes will seem to move from for you)...


But the trick is to begin to be curious to feel the difference- the difference between settling into and settling for, the difference between the head and the heart - and you will, because curiosity opens the doors, the possibility... suddenly you're now not quite so certain, and you've changed the quality of your attention, and you are really starting to listen and to feel inwardly, in the moment... and this is the "ticket"... this is the practice...this is the start.


And, and as you begin to discern the difference between settling into and settling for, suddenly you begin to notice your habits... all the ways you've settled for, all the ways you've acquiesced, all the ways you compromise yourself, and how you move out of your integrity, how you keep yourself out of balance and how you keep yourself away from experiencing your birthright.. and this is all a natural consequence of being willing to be curious to simply feel the difference of settling into and settling for...

So if and when things start to get "uncomfortable" in your life... be grateful! This is the innate capacity of your ability to discern the movement of the Creative Life Force moving through you, as you, and your willingness to feel what is not in alignment with that Movement, and so now the practice begins... having the courage to give yourself permission to tinker with how you're doing what you're doing... to fiddle with it... to feel what's supporting you, and yield into that...being willing to do what you do differently, and even to do different things altogether... maybe even not doing at all sometimes!...

This is the nature of what we practice with this thing we call BLIS Yoga... and inevitably (and it's inevitable because it is by design) your life becomes your yoga . And when this happens, you might say that I've done my job! because you'll be an agent for change, and your very being-ness, in the "doing" of whatever it may be, will be radiating, and demonstrating another way of being..