Healings and Readings

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Todd offers readings which are also healings, on a private basis.


When one is ready for a shift, a reading/healing can be very helpful in catalyzing and facilitating the shift and so the healing can happen more easily.

Very often we seem to get "stuck" in a certain way of seeing things as we "hold onto" certain ways of seeing the world around us.  We hold onto certain ways of seeing things  because we are  taught to see things a certain way by our parents, our teachers, our friends, and even our culture, and typically, we hold on the most doggedly to those ways of seeing which may have, at one time,  even been  "ah-ha" or "eureka" moments for us. 


Whatever the reason, or the rational, it is these habitual ways of seeing things,  the "same old way",  which directly impact how we are experiencing our lives, simply because we stop seeing things clearly.  We stop seeing things clearly as a consequence of how life is.... life is movement, and so everything continues to shift, to move and to change... and so it is imperative to see through "new" eyes, or to see through "new vision"... or through the eyes of your guides, or, as we say, through the eyes of "older wiser you"...or you will be mis-perceiving things, and as a consequence, making poor choices, or in the least, making choices based on "faulty seeing".  So a simple shift in perspective is vital for your health, your balance, and for more easily embracing and living your life as your birthright.

This shift in perspective is the same thing we practice in class, only here, in a one on one setting, and without the distraction of movement and poses, we can look more directly and specifically and what you are seeing, and start to shift your perspective to help align you with that broader, clearer vision.

How long is a session?
Sessions typically run about an hour, although initial sessions may run a bit longer.  It is helpful to schedule a time for your session where you don't have anything to do for some time after wards, and so allowing you a period of integration time.

Will I be sitting or lying down on a table?
In a session you'll be sitting and/or lying down- whatever is comfortable.

How can I prepare for a session?
I work with my guides, and it will be most helpful to you if you prepare for the session by spending a little time before you come in focusing on why you were moved to schedule a session, and write down a few questions/concerns you might have.

Can I record the session?
I typically discourage people from recording the sessions only because it is more important to be present to feeling the movement of the energy in a session with less focus on the words themselves... the words may help you to embrace the shift, but once embraced, these words are no longer so relevant nor important to focus on, and if you embrace the shift in the session, and integrate it over the next day or so, continuing to listen to the words may in fact get in the way of your healing.  it's more important for me, that you get more and more comfortable with tuning in to your own guides and guidance, so that you can do this more and more of the time... after all, this is what you are designed to do (to tune in).

Some things people are saying...
I thank you from the bottom of my heart for yesterday’s teaching. I don’t even have words to describe it other than it was invaluable. I felt seen and recognized, and today I feel that things have already shifted significantly. I felt I “worked” a lot in my sleep, I woke up a few times, and every time I woke up I practiced the things we talked about. What an insight!!!

Sessions are $100
Payment options can be arranged. Please call or email us at Om Base to schedule an appt.