Bodywork, Energywork, Energy Medicine


Several of our teachers and yoginis are practicing massage, Reiki, acupuncture and Chinese medicine here at Om Base. Please read their offerings listed below in alphabetical order and choose the therapist that can best support your wellness needs. If you need some help, call us at the studio and we will be happy to steer you in the right direction.




Christina Pyktel


Christina Pyktel completed a massage program while living in Flagstaff, Arizona in 2004 at Phoenix Therapeutic Massage College. Christina's style is deep, patient and nurturing. She enjoys incorporating therapeutic massage with aromatherapy and hot stones. One of her favorite offerings is the Ayurvedic massage. This ancient practice uses warm oil "medicated" with essential oils. The strokes are long and rhythmic, thus inviting the nervous system to re-charge and the body to gently detox.


Christina currently practices massage on the coast at Longevity Wellness Studio in Manzanita and in SW Portland at Om Base Yoga in Hillsdale. She welcomes new clients at both locations where she will be happy to provide a personalized whole body program. Also, please check out her Aromatherapy Wellness Product line sold at both locations. These synergistic blends offer take-home support for your mind, body and soul!


To book a massage with Christina please contact her at 503-200-8367 or




Eric Fair-Layman


Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western physiology, True Body Intelligence (TBI) is a form of massage that uses ma xing (use of the feet to give a deep-muscle massage) and resistance stretching to give your physical body improved flexibility and relief from pain, which can also translate to relief in the emotional, mental and spiritual bodies as well. The transformation offered can be much more permanent than conventional techniques.

Your session can be exhilarating, energizing, cathartic, empowering, and give an overall sense of well-being. The most common results are significantly reduced pain, decreased joint tension and deeper sleep, as well as alleviation of various conditions, from sciatica and plantar fasciitis to restless leg syndrome.

Eric was born with a mild form of cerebral palsy. Since meeting Christopher Maher, his teacher and the innovator of TBI, Eric has been transforming his body: developing better posture, flexibility, agility, and presence, and may be able to offer similar changes to those seeking to eliminate pain and emotional trauma from their bodies.


Please contact Eric for a session directly.




Eugene Lewins

Eugene Lewins' passion is movement, preferably outdoors, and supporting others in their activity of choice - through yoga, massage and leading outdoor trips. Eugene has been teaching yoga for twelve years and is now practicing massage at Om Base.

To book a session w/Eugene please visit his website or call him at 503 939-9657



Julie Lucas


Through the practice of yoga, meditation, and energy work, Julie has cultivated a new way of seeing and experiencing the where curiosity and surrender lead the way.

Attuned to the Master Level of Reiki in 2013, Julie has continued to refine and expand her Energy practice through a year-long mentorship with Marie Manuchehri and training with Mindful Schools.

"My deep belief in the body's ability to heal itself is the foundation of my practice. With intention and sacred listening we open ourselves to the wisdom that lies within."

To schedule a Reiki session with Julie, please contact her directly at 503.944.9529 or


Nikki Vega


"My interest in bodywork stemmed through studying anatomy and physiology, practicing yoga and receiving massage throughout my first pregnancy with twins. After graduating from the Oregon School of Massage in Portland, Oregon I have practiced in a hospital, aruvedic spa, fitness center, chiropractic clinic, and maintain a successful private practice.


In 2010 I received a Bachelor of Science degree inPublic Health Education at Portland State University, focusing on nutrition and women's health. I bring eight years of experience into my practice and offer a therapeutic massage incorporating Sports Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Muscle Energy Techniques, Swedish Massage, and Deep Tissue work.


I strongly believe in the body’s ability to heal itself and that massage therapy is one of the many paths to restoring health and wholeness to the body. I intentionally create a massage that will facilitate clients personal goals, be they injury recovery, personal growth, athletic achievement, or successful transition through a challenging chapter in their lives.


I continually seek opportunities to work with motivated individuals who are empowered to use their inherent potential to make a difference in their own fundamental health and in turn the quality of life in their community.

In addition to massage I enjoy cooking, yoga, hiking, and spending time with my three darling children".


Please contact Nikki @ 503 504-2388 or



Vicki McArdle


Reiki practitioner Vicki McArdle practices holding awareness in a space of compassion, generosity and abundance while using Reiki to pacify disturbances, remove obstacles to health and release trauma both physically and mentally.


She holds the Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki Master level certification and is a professional member of the International Center of Reiki Training, ICRT and a the NW Reiki Association. She is also trained to see clients in a hospital setting.


Vicki also hold a B.S. in Natural Resources and has worked for non-profits in Environmental Education for many years. In 2009 she switched careers and now focuses on her art, teaching & Reiki. She is a professional artist whose work has been featured in Oregon and California galleries and various art publications. Her classes are designed to create art & craft with tools and objects found at home and in nature.


To learn more about Vicki or to schedule an appointment please call 503-939-4357 or visit her website at


Vittoria Palazzi


Vittoria Palazzi is a Life Coach & an Energy Medicine practitioner, and co-founder and owner of OmBase along with her husband Todd Williamson.


Vittoria's practice is devoted to supporting her clients find joy and passion in their lives, whether it's through discovering a more meaningful life, changing one's path, healing limited beliefs and patterns, and especially allowing compassion and acceptance to seep through and spill into our everyday life.


She loves to work with groups as well as individuals, and her modalites as a coach include hands on healing, guided meditation, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and more depending on each individual.


For more information about that and to make an appt, please see her website.